Ants and Spiders

Room capacity: 18 children
Child to staff ratio: 3:1
Room leader: Shade
£65 per day
£39 morning session
£33.75 afternoon session

Ants and Spiders equipment and activities

This is our unit for children aged between 3 to 24 months old.  It is made up of two large interconnecting rooms, providing enough space for the children to master the skills of crawling, walking and exploring in a safe environment.  The children are provided with all the comforts of home including cosy sleeping bags and cots so they can sleep to their own schedule. The unit is also equipped for this age group to play, share meals and have fun.  Staff support the children at all times making new experiences both safe and enjoyable.

The activities in this unit are based around helping the children to develop physically and socially.  We provide lots of heuristic activities that are child-centred, allowing them to explore their environment freely.  We also provide lots of activities that develop the senses such as messy play, sand and water.  The children participate in singing sessions and spend time in the sensory room.


Ants and Spiders staff

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