Room capacity: 18 children
Child to staff ratio: 8:1
Room leader: Annmarie
£55 per day
£33 morning session
£30.25 afternoon session

The Preschool Unit is made up of two rooms – Grasshoppers and Ladybirds – which are designed for children aged 32 to 60 months old. The children’s day is more structured to help them to get ready for transition to school. The activities are focused around them becoming confident and independent. Free flow is still a major part of the children’s day and they love to explore their natural environment.

The activities in this unit are still child led, with the adults asking the children questions to further their knowledge. A lot of activities are theme-based either from a book the children enjoy or from an experience they have had. They look at healthy eating and they go to the dentist as part of this theme. The role play area is often set up as a market stall where the children play with real fruit and vegetables.

Grasshoppers staff

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