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We firmly believe that good staff are at the heart of quality childcare. As well as having relevant expertise and frequently renewed knowledge via regular training, we value staff loyalty and a low turnover as being an important asset of a good nursery. Consistency of care and continuity of relationships are key in a child’s life. 

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SunriSE Staff

Members of the Board of Directors (Governance)
Director (Chair) - Ms J. Noel
Director (Responsible Individual) - Florence Chiwetu
Director x 2 - To be confirmed - in process

Treasurer - Pierre Thompson

Members of the Advisory Board

Advisor/Member - Sarah
Advisor/Member - Rosie (Family & Friends)

Manager - Amanda Anakie
Office Manager - Roseline
Deputy Manager - Annmarie

Room Leaders
Ants and Spiders - Shade
Butterflies - Leah (cover)
Grasshoppers - Agnes
Dragonflies - Sharde
Ladybirds - Rekila

Kitchen and Domestic
Head Chef - Doreen
Kitchen Assistant - Mimie

Handyperson - Raymond
Handyperson - Vacancy


SunriSE Governance

SunriSE Community Nurseries was formed on 20th June 2013. The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors with strong backgrounds in parenting, early years, digitisation, private & public sector, and business. The role of the Board of Directors is to contribute and drive the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring the company remains compliant, financially sustainable, whilst meeting the needs of the children and families its supports, providing high-quality childcare and services.  The Board of Directors is supported by an Advisory Board with a team who reflect the local community and from a varied and wide range of backgrounds.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organisation and agrees the strategic plan for the organisation and ensures that the organisation has sufficient resources to employ staff and run its services by overseeing the financial management of the organisation. The Board ensures that SunriSE is run in accordance with its regulatory bodies, not-for-profit, charitable and community focused objectives. The Board comprises members working possessing a diverse range of skills and professional abilities.

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board provides advice on their areas of expertise and reviews developments and procedures in areas such as education, business, education, family services, finance, fundraising, advertising and marketing, public relations and early years.

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