A typical day at SunriSE

We provide a wide range of age-appropriate toys and resources and encourage children to take the lead in their choice of activities. We strongly believe in the importance of Learning through Play, and balance free choice with guided activities so that children reach their potential whilst developing self-confidence. We adhere to the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance on the seven key areas of development and our staff craft the activities we offer and the resources made available according to these.

For more information about the EYFS Framework, which sets the standards for childcare settings regarding the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old click here.

Food and drink

A balanced and varied diet is crucial for young children, when tastes and attitudes towards food are being established. As such we have a fully equipped kitchen on site, where freshly-made, nutritious meals and snacks are prepared by our in-house cook. We use locally-sourced, seasonal, fresh ingredients from local businesses. 

Water is served for children to drink at mealtimes and throughout the day in line with dentists' recommendations. Milk is also available. We can accommodate and cater for a variety of dietary needs and allergies; please discuss your requirements with us.

Meal times

The nursery has set meal and snack times during the day for 1 – 5 year olds arranged to accommodate a range of attendance hours. These set times help the children establish a healthy routine. Babies under 1 have their own patterns so we use your home routine to help them settle into nursery life.

Breakfast time is from 8.00-9.00

Morning snack is at 10.15 

Lunch time is from 11.30-12.30

Tea time is at 15.00

See a sample menu

Communication with parents

We have various initiatives at SunriSE for ensuring beneficial interaction with parents, such as our individual Parents Evenings, quarterly Parent Forum, frequent parent surveys and regular celebrations to which the whole family is invited.

On top of this, we have harnessed the services of eyLog, the childcare sector’s main provider of online learning journals to securely capture your child’s special moments and share them with you alone. Your child’s Key Worker records observations, takes photos and assesses each stage of your child’s development.  All information gathered is securely uploaded to eyLog and made accessible only to you to see your child’s progress. eyLog is an interactive resource, and parents are encouraged to participate actively by providing home observations about their child in the same way, and to leave comments on eyLog after visiting their child’s profile. You can learn more about eyLog here.

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